The Power of 3

Posted by on Sep 15, 2013

The Power of 3

It is fall and a great time to feather your nest, move things around your home and add fall touches to your décor for a fresh look. A great way to change things up is with accessories. They allow you to personalize your space in creative ways and add the finishing touches that take it to the next level!

When it comes to design, 3 is really a magical number. It is seen in architecture as well as décor because objects that appear in threes are more appealing and memorable. There are many ways to successfully display accessories, but if you want a fool proof simple formula, stick with the number 3. If you are using three different objects, vary the size and textures but keep some commonality. In the first picture all items have glass/mirror or are shiny with gold accents, three on the accent table, three on the wall.


If you have a large wall to fill but are unsure of how to arrange all the items to make them look right, consider using three of the same item to keep it simple. For framed items, this can be three of the same frames with different artwork in each one. Be creative, you can use all kinds of items for wall art. One client had three wreaths she wanted to use but didn’t know where to place them. We found the perfect place in her guest bedroom, used all three together and added another unused item as a backdrop, so the collection was visually large enough above the king size bed and for that particular wall space.  This piece went well with the rest of that room’s theme. C47

When designing custom window treatments, I often also look at the power of 3 and use three different fabrics for a really custom look. For these panels I used a stripe, a large print, and a solid.  Want to use different patterns around the room but don’t want it to feel overdone? Use three and vary the scale and style, perhaps one large print, one geometric, one small print. Your eye will tell you if the room is large enough for moreCustom Panels

If you are wanting a new look and are thinking of rearranging or redesigning a space, follow the simple rule of 3 when accessorizing. Choose items you have collected or new ones that reflect your style. You will have your own and unique next level look!




  1. Using a background element to increase the size of the three smaller wreaths is a great idea!

  2. Love the effect going up the stairs!

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