Color Color on the Wall

Posted by on Aug 25, 2015

Color Color on the Wall


Paint color

is one of the hardest decisions for homeowners to make, partly because there are so many choices it’s difficult to know where to start and determine what will look best on your walls.  Even neutrals are tricky because the undertones must work with the furnishings in the room for the room to look right.

Here are a few tips to help you with color selection:

image – Determine the undertones that are in the existing                   furnishings.  Why? it immediately narrows down the number of colors you should consider.

– Know that a gray with a blue undertone will look much more blue on the wall than on the paint chip.  Why you should know? you can end up with baby blue walls instead of gray.

– The color’s undertone will be more visible if paired with it’s complementary color. For example, a color with a red or pink undertone will look more red or pink if paired with green, its complementary color. Why is this useful information? if you are trying to minimize a pink undertone on a tile, sofa, or other finishings, you should not paint the walls green.

– Gray undertones can be blue, green, or purple. Beige undertones can be yellow, green, red/pink, and orange. Why is this useful? If you want to mix different grays or beiges,  you should stay in the same undertone or use no more than two undertones per room.

– The hardest beige undertone to work with is pink-beige. Why? It does not pair well     with yellow beige or orange beige, undertones in so many of the furnishings available today.

– If you are buying new furniture or window treatments, choose those before you paint. Why? It is much easier to find paint to go with a fabric than fabric to go with a specific paint.

-Dark colors don’t make a room look small, contrast does. Why you should know? It’s ok to paint a small room or bathroom a dark color.

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If you walk into the paint store to choose the perfect paint colors but walk out overwhelmed by all the choices, schedule a                          Color Consultation.

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