Before, During, After

Here is an example of the process for completing a room

revMcDonnell DR beforephotomcDonnell DR afterphoto

Before                                                                                                   After

Client and I spoke on the phone. She wants help with custom window treatments for her Dining Room. I ask about colors, textures and prints so I can get an idea of fabric books to bring. If you don’t quite know, no worries. I have something for everyone, and plenty of samples in my home office to choose from and bring to you.

We set up an appointment and I bring you the appropriate samples for the project





This is the information I gathered from client before and during the consultation:

  • She wants natural light and does not want to block the bay window with fabric.
  • She does not want a busy print or loud colors.
  • She is not sure what to do with the rest of the Dining Room, no longer likes the furniture, and is thinking of replacing it.
  • She wants a room that feels finished, elegant but lived in, uncluttered, eclectic.
  • Not sure about what to put on the walls.



Here are my suggestions:

  • Since table and buffet are good, solid wood pieces, keep them and replace chairs for an updated look
  • Move buffet to right wall, add a mirror that is interesting and different than the rest of the furniture for an eclectic look,  add another serving table on left wall.
  • Add area rug to make room feel warm, ground the furniture, and add a softer texture to the room.
  • Do stationary panels for window treatments and install outside the bay on wall area, not to block any natural light. Use faux silk with tone on tone stripe similar to wall color. It will blend while adding another texture and a touch of elegance. Add vertical decorative trim to edge of panels as an extra detail.
  • Move chandelier down a few inches so it’s not so high
  • Add the last finishing touches with accessories

Here is my quick drawing during the consultation to give a visual of ideas

revMcdonnell dr duringImage-1

We installed window treatment, moved buffet to other wall, added mirror and accessories, replaced chairs, added rug, lowered chandelier to appropriate height.  We were able to achieve the desired look while keeping the original table and buffet, and my client was happy about that 🙂  The new chairs, window treatments and accessories gave the room a brand new look for a beautiful next level room!

mcDonnell DR afterphoto