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You know what you like or don’t like, but often the challenge is in putting it all together to achieve the look and feel you want for your home.  Eleida will spend time discussing ideas and understanding your style and vision for your home, then use her creativity and experience to design your idea of a next level home!

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With over 25 years of experience, I still offer a service driven approach so the end result is a home you love, whether the project is small or large.  Maybe you just need a one hour consultation to get you started with colors or ideas, maybe you need help with fabrics and window treatments, or maybe multiple projects completed over several months or years.  The decorating process should be enjoyable for you, and once we discuss your vision, I can put all the pieces together to give you a home that looks and feels finished and beautiful….your next level home!

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Change it with Pillows

Want a change in your Living Room or Bedroom decor without breaking the bank?  Changing  your throw pillows is an easy and quick way to update or bring in new patterns and colors. A new bold pattern perfectly complements the small pattern on this bench, and gives it a next level look.   Want more versatility in changing the look?  Use a different fabric for each side of your custom pillows and just turn them around when you want a different look. Not into patterns, and solids are more...

Pink & Yellow Are NOT Friends

Every color has an undertone. Neutrals have undertones too, and when these work well together, you have a good start to a well designed space. A very common mistake is to pair pink beige and yellow beige undertones in hard finishes or paint colors…..they are not friends and should not be together! I often look at new homes to see what finishes are being used in my specific area (and just for fun!).  In addition to lots of whites and grays, I’m also seeing some beige tones again. The challenge...

Creatively Wrapped 🎄

      Enjoy gift giving and make gift receiving more fun! Wrapping gifts creatively brings joy and fun to the holidays.  Here are a few ideas to spark your creativity … Accent with cut out shapes that relate to the holiday. Add a cute ribbon or cord to complete the look. For music lovers, choose their favorite music or one that relates to the holiday.   Craft paper is a blank canvas for all kinds of ideas. Here a little color is added with greenery and a floral accent...

Beautiful Wreaths

Holiday decor is not complete without a front door wreath!  These are some wreaths I like because they have something unexpected, either a different shape, materials, or themes.  Which is your favorite?           ...

For the Love of Sports

If you are a sports fan, or someone in your home is,  why not have a room dedicated to your favorite sports team? Basements, game rooms or kids rooms are great spaces for this, and here are a few of the products I have found to give my clients a next level sports-themed space! Area rugs are a great addition to the space,  whether you want a border or overall pattern, a specific logo or just the right colors. There are many choices to add just the right look.      ...

What not to Show

What to Show and Not to Show You have selected a great design and fabrics for your custom window treatments but how it is installed is also a very important detail. I saw this picture online and it caught my eye. Although the design and fabrics are beautiful, the top of the window frame should never show.  They should have either been mounted higher or the treatment should not scoop down as much.     This next one we made for my client is a good example of a similar treatment....


Which color speaks to you?

Let there be Light

To select the right lighting for a room, ask yourself what happens here?  A room that is used as an office needs different lighting than a bedroom, than a craft room, a game room, a kitchen, and so on. Think of three different types of lighting: general, task and accent.  Specific task lighting, such as reading lamps, are important if you read frequently, have low levels of natural light, and especially if you ever work in the room. Low-level table lamps and floor lamps help to create a cozy...

It’s not Just Gray…It’s not Just Beige

Often when we want a neutral paint or fabrics, we think we want just gray or just beige and it will go with all our other beiges or grays. Not so!  A neutral decor is many times the most difficult to accomplish if you are not paying attention to the undertones. If you walk into a room and something in the color palette seems off, it’s usually because of conflicting undertones in the paint or fabrics.  It is critical that you choose a paint that has an undertone that...

Color Color on the Wall

  Paint color is one of the hardest decisions for homeowners to make, partly because there are so many choices it’s difficult to know where to start and determine what will look best on your walls.  Even neutrals are tricky because the undertones must work with the furnishings in the room for the room to look right. Here are a few tips to help you with color selection:  – Determine the undertones that are in the existing                   furnishings.  Why? it immediately narrows down the...

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

                Mirrors can also be used as wall art. Always consider what they will reflect when they are on the wall. They are great in rooms where you want more light reflected, or simply duplicate a color or wall art from the opposite wall.  Keep it simple and repeat the same mirrors, or vary the mirrors and size for an unexpected look. A good mirror collage can look outstanding and take your space to the next level!   ...

Dining Room Design Dilemma

Design Dilemma: This Dining Room needed a makeover! It felt cold and unfinished. Client wants it to feel elegant but comfortable, warm, uncluttered, finished, and don’t know where to start. They are wondering if they can keep most of the furniture and still give it a new finished look. Solution: Add textiles for softness, warmth contrast, and color. Accomplished that by adding custom window treatments, a rug, and upholstered chairs. By replacing the chairs we were able to update and  keep the rest of the furniture.  We moved the...

If Walls Could Talk…or do they?

The popular saying “if walls could talk” applies to décor too.  Walls do talk through what they display – Family pictures, interesting wall art, a collage of items, or plain blank walls.  Choose things to display that you truly like, that tell a story, and complement the rest of your décor. Don’t be afraid to be bold, if that is your style, or think outside the box. These yellow walls display a collection of ceiling medallions, they don’t have to be for ceilings only. Stairways are often forgotten places that are...

It is better to give…make it pretty

During the holiday season it is especially true that it is “better to give than to receive”.  The challenge  then is what to give to everyone who has touched our lives throughout the year – neighbors, teachers, co-workers, friends. The list can be long and a “little something” is appropriate just to let them know we appreciate them. Baked goods are always a good choice, little somethings that are both delicious and can be cute, so let’s wrap them up and make them pretty! Decor is for food too...

Never too late to decorate!

My friend Grace Ann at www.yoursredesigned.com writes about decorating for the entire winter season. I like that idea! You can enjoy your decor a lot longer. See her comments below. If you’re like me and discovered that you are behind in the Holiday decorating and are starting to think “why bother for only a couple of weeks?” Think about Winter decorating  instead. This way you can leave the decorations up way past Christmas without looking like you were too busy to take them down. Change up that traditional Xmas...

Home for the Holidays!

Home for the Holidays  Kim shares some great Tablescape ideas for the Holidays www.designingkim.com/2013/12/03/home-for-the-holidays/ Christmas time is here!!  Just coming off of Thanksgiving I’m still in eating mode, so I want to share some Holiday tablescapes this week.  photo:hp://yamahahometheatre.org photo:Allyou.comphoto:villeroyandback.comphoto:sheknows.comphoto:squakfox.com...


My friend Jill with Designs by Appointment.com shares my love for fabrics. Here is what she writes this week on her blog  http://wp.me/plnY1d-19 Fabrics: there are so many fabulous fabrics and I don’t have enough windows in my home! Creativity: transforming that fabulous fabric into a decorative item, that also functions to offer privacy as well as enhancing the space. Problem solving: form follows function! and how to place a pattern motif to its best advantage Utilizing my innate talent for using a needle and thread in the hand...

Anchor with Fabric

Even the simplest of Tablescapes can be anchored with fabric. It is the first step to find a base or container so the grouping looks like one arrangement. Here we used a fabric placemat  and then assembled the rest of the items. The fabric not only provides color and texture but adds to the theme of the fall and Thanksgiving...

Thankful also for….fabric!

The great thing about Thanksgiving is that it reminds us to really be thankful. Family and friends are at the top of my list, and so many other things including my business and all the great people I meet through it. When it comes to work, I  have to say that I am also thankful for fabric!  I love fabric and a few times a year when I see that big box of fabric books come to my door, it is like Christmas all over again.  To me that big...

Dining Room, by the Numbers

 Dining room, By the numbers Here are some great tips from my friend Grace Ann with Yours Redesigned.com The Table Allow 36 inches from the edge of the dining table to the wall or another piece of furniture for easy access in and out of the chairs and to avoid damage to the buffet. Make sure if an area rug is used that the chair legs remain on the rug even when pulled out. Knees should be able to be 12 inches to 14 inches under the table. Seat height for...

…and so it begins

Here are some great ideas from GraceAnn for redesigning spaces to accommodate company for those great holiday meals …and so it begins… November 10, 2013GraceAnn Simoni, Tips for Redesign & Staging Can you believe it, the first big Holiday of the season is right around the corner, Thanksgiving? I love this holiday, to have the chance to fill the house with the wonderful turkey and pumpkin smells and the thoughts of all the people around the table!!!  “Oh no!” you say.   “Where am I am going to put everyone?” When...